You Made It!

After 500 hundred years of waiting, the +2k Party (Preview) is back and open! If you were considering attending online or in person to see some of our 6000 exhibits (anticipated), please join us now so that we can put together one of the best celebrations of your life!

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Gospel Writer John´s body is allegedly in Kiev.

Please stop Bombing Moscow and Kiev

As an organization, we would like to ask both the Russian and Ukraine military to refrain from attacking each[…]

Pepin Le Bref (The Short) Denier,

Minted at: Troyes, France Notes: The second image shares a joke in addition to mentioning Pepin. It says for[…]

Jupistars are:

our members that are ready for a hands-on experience exploring space and Earth´s oceans on behalf of our archive. […]

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Nominate a Woman Leader!

The 2527 Party puts a finishing touch on 500 years of celebrating women. A committee for the party will likely control over a trillion dollars in reparations to sexual victims


Our host represents the union between Imperial Roman and Byzantine arts and culture. After the party, that all goes into our archive for the public and members. During the party we allow people to use it in their work as long as they point back to our celebration. We also have lot of music and acting opportunities

Religion/Church Signup

25 % of Member Passes Prices will go to the church or religion that the buyer specifies. By signing up your religion, you can ensure that you will receive all the money that you should get to help you celebrate and support your peeps. .