Nominate a Woman Leader!

The age of women is starting up!  And while there is some trepidation amongst men who might feel lost for a while, there are a lot of supporters that planned for centuries for this 500 year age to begin and be supported by all.   

We are therefore pleased to announce that:

  1.  If you are a woman, and 
  2. If you know of a woman that would be excellent as a steering committee member,

     then you may nominate them by using the following link:

The Age of Women is a planned celebration for 2527.  The steering committee will form and create themes and start to look at locations while it puts together a committee that will lead the planning for the celebration.  In the past, parties like Los Angeles 2027 have been put together by academics, royals, business people, entertainers, and clergy.   The framework is put together early and then the exhibits and the details start to flow as time goes on.  The LA 2027 party has two projects attached to it:  361 Giving and the Archive des Etoiles.  The Age of Women planners might consider whether they would like to add additional projects over the next 500 years as part of the planning.

What will you have to start with?:

  1.  We will have an archive, development, and exhibit space on islands in Mexico, the Mediterranean, and Asia.  We will also likely have a large place in Los Angeles post-party.  In any one of these places, we will provide you with office space or a building so that you can use it to reach your goals.
  2. The support of most, if not all those who supported Los Angeles 2027.
  3. You may use our archives and resources to store whatever you need to forever or until the party or temporarily.
  4.  The Irish Thank You is a percentage of money (probably between 17 and 20 percent) of the money leftover from the Irish-English conflict.  A lot of women lost their lives working in dangerous jobs while this conflict was raging.  The LA 2027 Venture Capital team/Banks will be adding thousands of companies and jobs to communities and individuals affected.  It would utilize some of this Thank You money, yet the overall management of possible monies that are capped at two trillion dollars will be handed over to the Age of Women Committee.

So choose well and to nominate, please use the following link (same as above):