Jupistars are:

our members that are ready for a hands-on experience exploring space and Earth´s oceans on behalf of our archive.  Of course we also have Jupistars that like to watch updates coming in on our upcoming Space news program and our website.

 Our Jupistar program allows people from countries friendly to each other to:

  • Use a multi-screen console (currently under development, but like a space command center if you want it to be) and website that allows you to analyze data and see stories about our discoveries and progress in outer space.
  • Learn for free- Ion Engine courses, Astronomy courses, etc.  
  • Help us explore and put together ancient cultures using shipwreck study and our internet-controlled submarine platform.  Artifacts will be offered to the appropriate countries and museums, but if you help discover it, you will be referenced on the donation, helping you build a legacy for your descendants.
  • Train to competence on our remote equipment- Whether it is moon buggies or drones or space probes, we will have a path to get you ready to go hands on in space.  Don´t have experience?, volunteer!  Do have experience with us or outside, get paid to enjoy helping us explore, analyze, transform, and extend outwards.
  • Get involved in our projects-  
  1.   Everyone:  Allowed to learn our Jupistar skills and technologies in online gaming, labs, and coursework (help our moon archive launch spaceprobes and build a domed archive and other buildings).
  2.   Professional competency in our technologies:    Allowed to help with:  Exonet, moon archives, space probes, remote equipment operation
  3.   Related degree and professional competency:  Allowed #2 plus scheduling their employer for moon archive tool use (usually a cost associated with this) and working on all of our projects.
  4.  Advanced degree and professional competency:  Allowed #3 plus are allowed to compete for opportunities in our Planetary Transform Technology area which develops tech that we are using in outer space that might benefit the planet.


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