Archive des Etoiles

Specializing in exhibits that showcase a union between Roman and Byzantine sciences and arts, augmented by cultures around the world and data from outer space exploration.

Party Exhibit Background:


Art w/ Provenanced 




Play/Performance opportunities for Artists that would like to perform at the 2027 LA/SD/Arizona-Sonora celebration

Jupitainment (A 361 Giving Project company)


Planetary Transform Sciences

Terraform: Artificial Islands

Thermostat: Automated Canal Building

Water: Glacier replacement and Aquifier creation (virtual rivers)

Evironment: Atmosphere creation

Environment: Shield and Habitat creation

Water: Sea creation (excavation, comet herding/landing)

Terraform: Planet Mechanics and Terrain

Shelter: Single-Pour Structures

The Age of Discovery: Space

2022 Templo Space Program Update

The Moon Archive

The Moon Archive Tools Library (Bots, Tools, Builders)

Building the Exonet- an ultra high speed connection to Exo-planet exploration

Space Probes and Catapult

Data on Intelligent Life and Design

Work in Progress:

Society Page Debut

Pan Am One Archive: