Press Release

Temploars Announce 2027 Party Concert Series to benefit extremely economically disadvantaged

For Immediate Distribution: 

Oct 9, 2022 (Los Angeles): 

The Templar Culture and Heritage Organization announced today that the 2027 Party Concert

Series will help build at least 50 community centers in some of the most economically disadvantaged locales around the world. 

The intent is to help create a better life for individuals and families that are undergoing extreme economic hardship. Each 

community center will feature showers, full kitchen, entertainment area, and meeting rooms. Community support will be

open to all organizations and governments will be invited to use the facilities as well.

According to Party Host, David Gass, ¨The 2000 years of Christianity celebration has thousands of exhibits that are normally only 

seen every 500 years. In the past, artists, exhibitors and partygoers associated with the party

have become somewhat legendary. Hopefully, turning the music entertainment into a charity event will add to the historical value 

people place on attending the party, viewing it online, or performing live.¨  The 2027 Concert Series will feature a wide variety of 

music styles and will likely be remembered as one of the marquee events of the 21st century.

The 2027 Templar and Friends party was first held in 527 AD in Barcelona, Marseille, and Milan.  

Sonora, Mexico, San Diego, and Los Angeles are the current host cities, with public exhibits available around the world.