Religion/Church Signup

While our party has normally featured mostly Catholics and Orthodox (and Jewish people), we are open to sharing our gate with religions that would like to celebrate alongside us. To this end, we are offering 25% of our overall ticket price ($25 one-time) to each religion that signs up.

Our overall party goal is to make 5 billion people aware of our party while attempting to attract close to 1 billion. With well over a billion Catholics and Orthodox and Jewish people in the world, it is possible, but won´t likely happen without help from other Christians, Buddhists, Islamic people, Confucianists, Hindis, and even animists.

How is it that people that aren´t normally spending time around Christians would be interested in the exhibits? Well, we feature Abrahamic Old Testament exhibits from Egypt and Turkey, Ancient Empire Exhibits from Ethiopia, China, Japan, and India. Modern exhibits from Africa will also be there alongside many ´past 500 years´ exhibits from the Americas. Our outer space project rests on old, but valid agreements with China, India, and Islam that allow for sharing an exoplanet. Our outer space research will cover learning about God in the context of outer space, something that almost every culture has a story or a lot of experience with.

So to celebrate well with us, please consider signing your religion up for payments from our sales. You could use the money to create a party or gathering or your own exhibits during this important time.

Here is a sign-up link. If you have any questions, please contact us at