If you live in California, Mexico, or Arizona and are part of a playhouse, theater, symphony, or artist’s group, you might consider getting involved with a truly timeless set of performance opportunities that we are going to be offering for free development. Proceeds from the performances will go to your organization.

Here are some of the opportunities we ought to currently have:

  • Cocaine Spanish.  Ever since people read into Balboa´s name and figured out it coincidentally meant cacoma door and described a way to put cocaine into wood for smuggling overseas without Balboa presumably ever understanding, people have been talking about the ancient drug trade of the conquistadors.  Web Dubois was kind enough to write a book about this PURPORTEDLY that we have copyright to and that will be an exhibit that is supposedly coordinated by West Coast athletes.  Straight from our archive, true stories about the original cocaine smugglers of the 16th and 17th century that have never been told.  
  • The Pirates of San Diego.  At a certain point during the 19th century, a large percentage of shipping down the West Coast to Latin America went missing.  People have often speculated that Coronado Sur Island off Rosarito was used to attack shipping with pirates because it is shrouded in fog a couple of days a week many months and that makes it easy to come sailing or motoring out from the fog on an unsuspecting ship passing by.  No one ever talked though and both ships and people were missing completely afterwards.  Now comes the true story of what US customs agents and others that were there to account for Irish and Chilean smuggling and sexual trafficking were able to put together about the pirates.  Irish/Chilean skeleton crews out of the Bay area would join the ships at the start and then mutiny when the attack was on from the Baja coastline.   Although this is a no brainer as a television docudrama, we wondered if movie treatment were something the entertainment community would consider.  
  • Andromeda, a play by Euripides that has been lost for well over 1000 years. We are working to procure the script and will have it available as soon as possible. It might work best to have an original treatment and a modern adaptation or blend.
  • A couple of ‘Choiseul’ written plays. Similar to Shakespeare only in that the plays were ‘performed once’ for the future Hapsburg court of Austria, we are attempting to dust off classics like ‘Louis Londres‘ and ‘Leonitas‘ and bring them to you so they can become cherished favorites. Late Breaking News:  The named participants are named so that they can have their plays challenge Shakespeare for the top writer of the last 500 years.  Choiseul’s ‘Louis Londres‘ was allegedly remade by Lafayette and Louis 16th.  If either of those versions exist, we will certainly put them out for artists to use if they like.  
  • The Shakespeare Challenge! Alluded to between the lines in the city name San Diego and one of Shakespeare´s play titles, as well as elsewhere, the idea was to have Stuart actors face off against Choiseul actors to determine which is better at performing plays written for court. Two Shakespeare plays and Two Choiseul plays (like above) are to be used with each side acting in all plays and the audience selecting who provides the best performance. We are still investigating whether Stuart´s administration was accurate in saying that they had preserved all the original (1600´s) Shakespeare performances as audio recordings. According to legend, the Guise Family actuallly kind of surreptitiously recorded all plays performed for court or public. Of course the Guise family became the Hapsburgs, so, well, we are on it anway.    If the audio recordings are available, we will obviously use them and the Stuart family will likely be involved.  Whether the recordings are available or not, the KG group put together by the St. Louis Artist´s association will be involved.    Additionally, the Lancastre version of the Challenge calls for those House of David actors and actresses at Los Angeles to actually put together a challenge for Shakespeare.  Lancastre’s administration mentioned they would like to actually see Shakespeare put his tumbling experts the David actors also.  
  • Related to this possibly is the movie ´Patton´, which may actually create a somewhat controversial exhibit- that if valid, we would like to share at our research site in California Valley and possibly at Taft ( Cal Valley Exhibits [some controversial] start in 2022 thru 2027 as a form of preview). If it pans out, there will be a need for actors/actresses.  One thing we have looked at is using ´Silhouette´ to the melody of ´Alouette´.
  • The Uplifting of Lucifer. Performed once at the Hotel Del Coronado in 1915 as a method of dissuading Diaz’s officers from counter-revoluting Villa’s Mexico, the Uplifters and Ulysses Grant Jr. (Lucifer) managed to Protestant ‘Joseph’ (Block a war from humanity) for the all-time low price of 77 dollars. There is a 78 record with the entire performance recorded and we will try and fill in the blanks for people interested in performing it. (Note: There are some mixed feelings in the entertainment community about the role the Uplifters [sometimes federal international operations helpers] played at times in history. We believe that the earliest work from the teens´ decade of the 20th century is not necessarily affected by this controversy, but are sensitive to cultural viewpoint and will continue to ensure that we do not erase opportunity elsewhere by investigating the possibility of presenting material such as ´The Uplifting of Lucifer´.

Available Advertisements:

  • The Ochre Princess: In progress
  • Animal Farm 1 and 2: Available – Animal Farm 1 is an updated replica of an exhibit from Amboise in 1527.


  1. Contact with your individual or group information and your area of interest. We will return your message shortly and keep you up-to-date on our event, potential funding, and performance information so that you can start to develop a show with confidence.
  2. The cost to your organization is to act out one advertisement for the party. Our advertisements are simply classic songs with a video that usually doesn’t have much if any dialog, showing historical figures and their involvement with a particular aspect of the party. The only other request we have is that we would like to create one video/film of one night of your performance once the party starts. This film will be stored in our LA archive forever and be available to those that visit.  The one video/film request is OPTIONAL, however.

An alternative to acting out an advertisement for our party is to include mention or allusion to the LA party in your work.  If you are working on the Pirates of San Diego, for example, umm, like our party was planned for since 1527 and there are contemporary references stretching from that point.  Plenty of San Diego 17th, 18th, and 19th century plotlines or ´they are working on this´ types of historical points exist that might add to the audiences´ enjoyment of your work.

  1. You organization and members will qualify for some development cost funding as our party sales efforts start. You will also be eligible to be paid independently as professionals that work on our television series run by Jupitainment.