527 AD. 500 years of Christianity:

  • 300,000+ Witnesses to the bodies of the disciples (11)
  • Thousands of converts to Catholicism
  • All Exhibit Titles put together created a secret for partygoers about the heritage of the disciples not all being 100 percent Israeli. More on that for our members!
  • Marriage between Charlemagne´s male line ancestor and the daughter (descendant) of an archivist at the Library of Alexandria
  • Featured stories about Jesus as an Alexandrian student

Here is a Classic 527 AD 500th Anniversary Party Advertisement!

Look between the lines of the city names!

Mediolanum Massila Barcino   (500th Anniversary of Christianity)  Milan, Marseille, Barcelona

Latin:  Adestis y collabris alexandria bar david , chine siddartha di shaolin y basilicas marcian.

Spanish:  Estas presente con tus colegas bar david y chine siddartha de shaolin y basilicas marcian.

English:  You are present with your colleagues Alexandria Bar David, Chinese Siddartha di Shaolin and Emperor Marcian´s Basilicas.

Hint:  You may also see news of one of the world´s most important books as an exhibit.

If you can find anymore in Latin or Spanish (Charlemagne´s ancestors wrote between the lines in Spanish, Latin, French, and German, Please post it in our forums!


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